Our Commitment

Promoting Safe Sports Programs

Our goal is to create safe secondary school sports programs by increasing access to BOC-certified athletic trainers. We provide under-served secondary schools schools with BOC-certified athletic trainers at an affordable rate.LEARN MORE

Protecting Student Athletes

The ultimate goal of creating a safe sports program is to protect student athletes. We believe that all student athletes deserve a safe playing environment and access to qualified healthcare professionals. We work tirelessly to fulfill this concept by placing BOC-certified athletic trainers in under-served secondary schools.LEARN MORE

Supporting the Community

Communities can be a great source of support for any school sports program. Our sports medicine services are designed to enrich and educate communities. These services also support all of those involved with sports; including coaches, parents, and student athletes.LEARN MORE

Empowering Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are an essential part of any sports program. We work to empower athletic trainers by serving as a resource for those looking to further their educational and professional development in the field.LEARN MORE

Supporting High Schools

We are working to provide high schools with affordable access to athletic trainer support. Follow us for free events, resources & affordable access to athletic trainer support.

Partner with us in our mission of making sporting programs safer for all.
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