Parents, get educated about prevention and share that knowledge

Learning about sports mechanics and sports safety is easier than ever. With online safety videos and articles and community sports safety clinics, parents have access to a vast amount of information. We have developed an online library for parents that highlight some of the most critical sports safety knowledge for parents to know and stay up-to-date on how to best support the health and well-being of their student-athletes.

We know the desire of parents to see their student athletes succeed. This is our way of helping parents succeed.

Feel free to click on and explore any of our recommended resources below.

Recommended Parent Resources

JBM Parenting Coach


Janis Meredith is a sports parent and a coach’s wife, dedicated to providing athletes with a positive youths sports experience – discussing playing time struggles, coaching conflicts, helping your child with mental battles, dealing with negative parents, and much more.

Mom’s Team

A team of experts come together to share guidance, advice and actionable tips on youth sports safety.

Positive Coaching Alliance 

Positive Coaching Alliance focuses on teaching athletes life lessons as a Second-Goal Parent – a commitment to helping parents process the ups and downs of youth sports.

NATA Youth Sports Safety

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association offers youth sports safety tips for parents that include questions to ask schools and ensure best practices are in place.

NCSS Parent Athlete Video

The National Center for Sports Safety (NCSS) produced videos to educate parents on preventative measures and ways to be proactive in youth sports safety.


Recommended Concussion Resources for Parent

We recommend that parents take the time to learn about their state’s concussion injury laws, which determine whether a pre-participation physical is required – and whether immediate removal of an athlete is required after a sustained hit, fall or other injury – until a medical professional is available to provide clearance for play.

CDC HEADS UP Resources

This site, developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides resources for parents, coaches and athletes, including a free concussion and safety helmet app. The app helps with helmet selection and injury response.

Concussion Assessment Guide

Download “Heads Up: Concussions in High School Sports,” a guide developed by the CDC, which may serve as a great on-the-field tool for coaches, parents and athletes alike.