When high schools can’t afford a certified athletic trainer, students are at risk for injuries.

We want to infuse sporting programs with professionals that provide solid education and training. Our goals is to see less injuries, proper technique, and ultimately, sporting programs that are successful and fun.

Certified Athletic Trainers

Our program provides schools with board-certified athletic trainers at affordable rates. These trainers are fully qualified and while in our program, they are working on their Master of Science in Applied Exercise Science. They are also shadowing professional physicians while they are not in the schools. They attend games, practices, workouts, and any other sporting events. They are on site to provide the proper care, training, and education for students and coaches.


Injury Treatment & Prevention

Our high school athletic trainers provide sports medical services ranging from physical therapy to sport-related injuries. This allows coaches to focuses on coaching and leave the medicine to the trainers. It also provides a level of comfort for parents as they do not have to rely on emergency rooms to handle sports-related injuries. Our trainers are specialists and have advanced knowledge and training with these issues.

School Athletic Trainer Certified Trainer

Sporting Event Coverage

Our sports medicine trainers serve an integral role in a school’s sport healthcare team. These trainers attend games, practices, workouts, and any other sporting events, and work to provide a high level of care for student athletes – focused on prevention and triage of athletic injuries. Our athletic trainers serve as the first point of contact in the event of a sporting injury, working to reduce any long-term injury impact for the student athletes.