Fellowship Requirements

  • All applicants should be BOC-certified, having completed their undergraduate studies, or nearing completion at time of application.
  • Participants should commit to a 2-year term at placement

All BOC-certified applicants should:

Program Benefits:

  • Tuition-Free Education
  • Experience in the field through high school placement
  • Job shadowing with an experienced physician
  • Stipend


Graduate students interested in a career as a certified athletic trainer with be able to further their education through our athletic training graduate fellowship program. Participants in the program work toward a Master of Science in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine through Concordia University. Tuition is included in the program, as well as a monthly stipend.

The degree programs are two academic years and the coursework is offered completely online. All of our fellowship participants must be BOC-certified before entering the program.

Job Shadowing

During the time that the fellowship participants are not working with the schools, they are granted the opportunity of shadowing professional physicians. They will be paired with an orthopedic surgeon and participate in the surgeon’s rounds. Doctors will train the fellowship participants, who will assume a role very much like a physician extender.

The professional physicians that work with our program are an excellent source of practical education of the sports medicine field. Participants will gain a much deeper understanding of the sports medicine field. The physicians that we work with are committed to creating an environment that is supportive and that contribute to learning.


Hands-On Experience

We are proud to offer extensive hands-on experience through our program. During the afternoon and evening hours, fellowship participants are placed at schools and play an active role in the sports programs. They are given the opportunity to work with the sports program through practices, games, and other sport-related events.

Fellowship participants can expect their experience to cover areas like strength and conditioning, physical therapy, sports injury assessment and prevention, and rehabilitation. More importantly, participants will have the chance to be working directly in their desired line of work and will be able to interact with students, coaches, and parents along the way.