Hire an Athletic Trainer for your School

As part of our mission to promote safer school sports and protect youth athletes, we work to pair schools with qualified athletic trainers to serve their student athletes. Connect with us to be paired with an affordable certified athletic trainer to serve your school’s needs.

You can also click here to find out more about the certified athletic trainers that we work with and how they can be a valuable asset to any sports program. Through our fellowship program, these qualified professional trainers working to complete their graduate degree program gain practical experience by providing athletic training services to schools during their two-year graduate program.


Post a Job

Another way to find a high school athletic trainer for your high school is to post your job opening on our job board. Click here to submit your posting. Please note that job postings are only accepted for positions at the high school level at this time.


Athletic Trainers for Schools: A Necessity

High schools with at athletic trainers as part of their core athletics team have the opportunity to increase the rate at which athletes report their injuries, and therefore, can be given the treatment they need. A 2012 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found taht when high schools have access to athletic training services – whether full or part time – that those schools have lower overall injury rates, including concussions, overuse injuries and impact injuries. In fact, at schools without athletic trainer support, recurrent injury rates were roughly 570% higher among soccer players, 300% higher amongst basketball players.

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